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Full-time Job
Chris Aughe (L) 10th Production Manager
Shane Belanger (L) 3rd Sales Manager
Tim Benedetto (R) 19th Police Officer
Bob Bernard (L) 12th Software Engineer
Brendan Blanchard (L) 1st Delivery Person
James Brown (L) 15th Street Foreman
Jeff Bunyon (R) 19th Salesman
Glen Cooke (L) 8th Courier
Tom Cronin (L/R) 4th Sales
Greg Dumais (L) 5th Salesman
Chris Federico (R) 11th Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Peter Feola (R) 5th Hockey Official
Tom Fyrer (R) 11th Salesman
Dean Gilbert (L/R) 8th Loan Officer
Bryan Goodwin (L) 2nd School Teacher
John Gravallese (R) 26th Contractor
Justin Greene (R) 1st Hockey Official
Dave Hansen (R) 6th Contractor
Scott Hansen (R) 11th Construction Manager
Marty Hughes (L) 1st Finance/Investments
Patrick Johnson (L) 1st EMS/EMT
Kevin Keenan (R) 8th Firefighter
Brendan Kelleher (L) 7th Sales Manager
Frank Keough (L) 15th Accountant
Chris Leavitt (L) 1st Insurance
Jeremy Lovett (L) 7th Sales Director
Chris Low (L) 12th Salesman
Tim Low (R) 11th Bond Trader
Brian MacDonald (L) 1st Insurance
Chip McDonald (R) 3rd Sales Rep.
Chris Millea (L) 7th Lawyer
Jack Millea (R) 8th Sales Manager
Andy O'Brien (L/R) 6th Marina Owner
Daniel O'Neill (L) 1st DHS
Richard Patry (L) 3rd HazMat Transporter
Chris Piti (L) 1st Sales Representative
Tom Quinn (R) 12th Salesman
Matt Riegert (L) 4th Enviromental Consultant
Bob Ritchie (R) 3rd Investments
Jean-Yves Roy (L/R) 2nd Ins./Financial Services
Paul Sacco (L) 3rd Sales
Rick Santilli (L/R) 8th Business Owner
Paul Scleparis (L) 19th Information Tech. Professional
Kevin Shea (R) 12th Publicist
Wayne Silva (L) 4th Fire Fighter
Matt Smith (L/R) 4th Firefighter
Mark Sullivan (L) 3rd Civil Engineer
Ryan Sweeney (R) 2nd Hockey Official
Mike Taddeo (L) 14th VP of Sales
Andrew Weber (L) 1st Insurance
Scott Whittemore (L/R) 10th Financial Advisor
Todd Whittemore (L) 1st School Teacher/Coach
Aughe AH-ghee
Benedetto ben-nuh-DED-oh
Fyrer FIE-ruhr
Gravallese grav-uh-LEE-see
Keough KEE-oh
Millea mill-LAY
Taddeo TADD-ee-oh
Scleparis skluh-PAR-iss
Joe Albert, Bob Bellemore, Jack Doherty, John Gallagher, Rich Green, Charley Holden, Jeff Jones, Tom Lynch, Kevin Morrison, Dan Petheridge, Bill Quinn, Bob Quinn, Jim Quinn
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