Hockey East Television Schedule

2017-18 Hockey East Television Schedule

Catch Hockey East games on a variety of networks during the season. In addition to the list below, all BC and UNH home games are available on ESPN3.

2017-18 Hockey East Television Schedule
Date Time Away Home TV 
Oct. 6 7:30pm UConn Maine WVII/WFVX/WPME/FCS
Oct. 20 8:37pm Merrimack Minnesota Duluth My9
Oct. 21 8:37pm Merrimack Minnesota Duluth My9
Oct. 27 7:15pm Boston College Providence YurView
Oct. 27 7:30pm Minnesota Duluth Maine My9
Oct. 28 7:00pm Boston University Providence YurView
Oct. 28 7:30pm Minnesota Duluth Maine WVII/WFVX/WPME/FCS
Nov. 11 7:00pm UMass Providence YurView
Nov. 11 7:00pm Northeastern UMass Lowell ESPN3
Nov. 17 7:00pm Vermont Northeastern NESN
Nov. 17 7:30pm Boston University Maine WVII/WFVX/WPME/FCS
Nov. 17 7:15pm Merrimack Providence YurView
Nov. 18 7:00pm Providence Merrimack NESN
Nov. 24 2:00pm Maine Providence NESN
Nov. 25 5:00pm Maine/PC Clarkson/RPI NESN
Dec. 1 7:15pm New Hampshire Providence YurView
Dec. 1 7:00pm UConn UMass ElevenSports/NESN
Dec. 2 5:00pm Vermont Maine WVII/WFVX/WPME/FCS
Dec. 8 7:15pm Boston University UMass Lowell NESN
Dec. 8 7:15pm RIT Providence NBC Boston
Dec. 29 9:05pm Merrimack Denver Altitude 2
Jan. 2 7:05pm Quinnipiac UConn ESPN3
Jan. 3 7:00pm Brown Providence YurView
Jan. 19 7:00pm Northeastern UMass ElevenSports/NESN
Jan. 20 7:30pm New Hampshire Maine WVII/WFVX/WPME/FCS
Jan. 20 7:00pm UConn Providence NBC Boston
Jan. 26 7:00pm Providence Northeastern ESPN3
Jan. 26 7:15pm Boston College UMass Lowell NESN
Jan. 26 7:00pm Maine UMass ElevenSports/NESNplus
Jan. 27 7:00pm Vermont Merrimack NESN
Jan. 27 7:00pm Northeastern Providence YurView
Feb. 2 7:00pm New Hampshire Northeastern ESPN3
Feb. 2 7:05pm Boston College UConn ESPN3
Feb. 2 7:00pm Boston University UMass ElevenSports/NESN
Feb. 3 7:30pm Merrimack Maine WVII/WFVX/WPME/FCS
Feb. 5 5:00pm Boston College Northeastern NESN
Feb. 5 8:00pm Boston University Harvard NESN
Feb. 6 7:00pm Merrimack UMass ElevenSports/NESN
Feb. 9 7:00pm Massachusetts Boston University ESPN3
Feb. 9 7:00pm UConn Northeastern NESN
Feb. 10 7:00pm Maine Providence YurView
Feb. 12 7:30pm BC/NU BU/Harvard NESN
Feb. 15 7:00pm Merrimack UMass ElevenSports/NESN
Feb. 16 7:05pm Boston University UConn ESPN3
Feb. 16 7:00pm UMass Lowell Providence YurView
Feb. 17 7:00pm Providence UMass Lowell ESPN3
Feb. 17 7:30pm Boston College Maine WVII/WFVX/WPME/FCS
Feb. 22 7:00pm Massachusetts UConn ESPN3
Feb. 23 7:00pm New Hampshire Northeastern ESPN3
Feb. 23 7:00pm UMass Lowell Merrimack NESN
Feb. 24 7:00pm Merrimack UMass Lowell ESPN3
Mar. 2 7:30pm New Hampshire Maine NESN/WVII/FCS
Mar. 3 7:30pm New Hampshire Maine WVII/FCS
Mar. 16 5:00/8:00pm Hockey East Semifinals NESN/ESPN3
Mar. 17 7:00pm Hockey East Championship NESN/ESPN3