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June 27, 2014
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Hampus Gustafsson and Oleg Yevenko were Hockey East's Top Scholar-Athletes

Wakefield, Mass. -- Hockey East is proud to announce a league-record 109 student-athletes have been named to the league's 2013-14 All-Academic Team. Each student-athlete achieved a grade point average of 3.0 or better in each of the two academic periods during which he was actively competing.

Junior defenseman Oleg Yevenko (Minsk, Belarus) of the University of Massachusetts and freshman forward Hampus Gustafsson (Ljungby, Sweden) of Merrimack College shared the prestigious honor as Hockey East's Top Scholar-Athlete, each with a perfect 4.0 GPA for the season. A total of 11 players reached "Distinguished Scholar" status this season, having qualified for the All-Academic team in each of four seasons of varsity play. Fifteen others are three-time honorees. Gustaffson was the best of a league-leading 19 All-Academic qualifiers from Merrimack.

The Hockey East Association is a 12-team Division-I men's college hockey conference founded in 1984, and also sponsors an eight-team Division-I women's league which began play in 2002-03.


Aiken, Joe (Notre Dame, F)
Arnold, Bill (Boston College, F) ***

Bahe, Ben (Merrimack, F) **
Baxandall, Brennan (Massachusetts, D)
Behling, Brooks (Providence, F) **
Bly, Rhett (Merrimack, F) ***
Brown, Cam (Maine, F)
Brown, Patrick (Boston College, F) +

Campbell, Brady (Maine, F)
Campbell, Evan (UMass Lowell, F)
Camper, Jay (New Hampshire, F) ***
Cerretani, Andrew (Maine, F) **
Chapie, Adam (UMass Lowell, F)
Christie, Brian (Merrimack, F)
Cleland, Matias (New Hampshire, D)
Colantone, Michael (UMass Lowell, F) **
Collins, Mike (Merrimack, F)
Costello, Jeff (Notre Dame, F)
Cronin, Matt (Merrimack, D) **

DeAngelo, Peter (Massachusetts, F) ***
DeCenzo, Anthony (Vermont, F) +
DeSmith, Casey (New Hampshire, G)

Ellis, Brendan (Merrimack, D)

Feeley, Pat (Vermont, G)
Forgione, Tom (Vermont, F)
Francis, Robert (UMass Lowell, F)

Gallacher, Ben (Massachusetts, D)
Gambardella, Joe (UMass Lowell, F)
Gaudreault, Maxim (New Hampshire, F) **
Gerths, David (Notre Dame, F)
Gordon, Nick (UMass Lowell, F) **
Gould, Quinn (Merrimack, F) ***
Gracel, Branden (Massachusetts, F) **
Gustafsson, Hampus (Merrimack, F)
(Hockey East Top Scholar-Athlete) 4.00

Hanley, Joel (Massachusetts, D) **
Hedges, Dalen (Northeastern, F)
Hellebuyck, Connor (UMass Lowell, G) **
Heywood, Jordan (Merrimack, D) +
Higgins, Stu (Maine, F)
Hoffman, Brody (Vermont, G) **
Holmstrom, Josh (UMass Lowell, F) +
Houk, Joe (UMass Lowell, D)
Hussar, Justin (Merrimack, F) **

Jamieson, Michael (Northeastern, F)

Kamrass, Zack (UMass Lowell, D) ***
Kapla, Michael (UMass Lowell, D)
Katunar, Chad (Notre Dame, G)
Knodel, Eric (New Hampshire, D) **
Kolomatis, Dan (Merrimack, D)

Lashyn, Jonathan (Merrimack, D)
Lawrence, Dillon (Boston University, F)
Leen, Connor (Maine, F) ***
Lenz, H.T. (Vermont, F) +

MacDonald, Collin (New Hampshire, F) **
MacGregor, Patrick (Boston University, D)
MacLeod, Isaac (Boston College, D) +
Maniccia, Chris (UMass Lowell, F)
Mansfield, Justin (Merrimack, F/D) ***
Manson, Josh (Northeastern, D) **
Markison, Colin (Vermont, F) **
McCarthy, Chris (Vermont, F) **
McCarthy, Tom (Merrimack, D) +
McGrath, Ryan (UMass Lowell, F)
Merchant, Will (Maine, F) *
Moccia, Anthony (Boston University, G) ***
Morgan, Brian (Maine, F) *
Mountain, Kyle (Vermont, F) **
Myers, Josh (Merrimack, F)

O'Connor, Brice (Maine, D) +

Paliotta, Michael (Vermont, D) **
Pantalone, Joe (Merrimack, G)
Pendenza, Joseph (UMass Lowell, F) ***
Pereira, Michael (Massachusetts, F) ***

Quast, Harry (New Hampshire, D) **

Randall, Ryan (New Hampshire, D) ***
Regan, Jamie (New Hampshire, G) **
Renouf, Dan (Maine, D)
Riley, Conor (Maine, F/D) **
Robertson, Sean (Merrimack, D) **
Rodrigues, Evan (Boston University, F)
Ronan, Matt (Boston University, F/D) **
Rust, Bryan (Notre Dame, F)
Rutt, Jacob (Maine, D) **
Ryan, Andy (Notre Dame, D)

Schneider, Peter (Notre Dame, F)
Schurhamer, Eric (Maine, D)
Scotti, Vinny (Merrimack, F) **
Senkbeil, Dan (Vermont, D)
Shamanski, Steven (Providence, D) +
Shea, Colin (Massachusetts, D) **
Shore, Devin (Maine, F) **
Silengo, Jeff (New Hampshire, F) ***
Sit, Mike (Boston College, F) ***
Smith, Kyle (New Hampshire, F) **
Stack, Evan (Massachusetts, F) **
Stevens, John (Northeastern, D)
Stone, Zak (Northeastern, F)
Swavely, Jon (Maine, F) +
Swavely, Steven (Maine, F) **

Thompson, Shayne (UMass Lowell, F) +
Thrush, Casey (New Hampshire, F) **
Tirronen, Rasmus (Merrimack, G)
Turk, Jonathan (Vermont, F) **

van Riemsdyk, Trevor (New Hampshire, D) ***
Vatrano, Frank (Massachusetts, F)
Voran, Mike (Notre Dame, F)

Wakaluk, Alex (Massachusetts, G)
White, Matt (Vermont, F) **
Williams, Kyle (Maine, D) **

Yevenko, Oleg (Massachusetts, D) ***
(Hockey East Top Scholar-Athlete) 4.00

Zink, Dylan (UMass Lowell, D)

** two-time honoree
*** three-time honoree
+ "Distinguished Scholar" - 3.0 GPA in each semester over four varsity seasons

2013-14 Hockey East Academic All-Star Team

(Top GPA by Position)
G: Alex Wakaluk, Massachusetts (3.92)
D: Oleg Yevenko, Massachusetts (4.00)
D: Eric Schurhamer, Maine (3.96)
D: Trevor van Riemsdyk, New Hampshire (3.96)
F: Hampus Gustafsson, Merrimack (4.00)
F: Vinny Scotti, Merrimack (3.96)
F: Evan Stack, Massachusetts (3.97)

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